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So how do you know that the injury rate is going down? Is this a conspiracy case, or do you have to do it case by case, incident by incident? John L. Henshaw, who served as the head of OSHA under George W. Bush, said OSHA has limited resources and needs to make smart decisions based on its capacity. I think [Some of your critics say that] the regulations and the criminal law in particular, is not strong enough. Proof's in the pudding. not psychologists who study organizational cultures. The sole purpose and the only purpose in my mind is to make sure they should turn around and produce a good management philosophy and practice; [that] they bring in safety and health professionals who can identify hazards and control those hazards. Dr. Eula Bingham, who ran OSHA during the Carter years.

John Henshaw became the head of OSHA in August, 2001 after a career in environmental health and safety in the private sector. All I can speak to is from where I'm starting from in the future. abilities and the tools we can use. Mr. Chairman, Members of the Subcommittee: Thank you for this opportunity to testify about the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA) efforts to protect immigrant workers. I'd ask our enlightened

something if it's on the agenda. Why is it so difficult to get companies to ... Our definition [of injuries and illnesses] is pretty solid. agenda doesn't provide the cover that it used to. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Congressional Testimonies - (Archived) Table of Contents, Severe Storm and Flood Recovery Assistance, The Subcommittee on Employment, Safety and Training Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions United States Senate, Establishing an Hispanic Workers Task Force, Creating an 800 number accessible to Spanish -- speaking individuals, Initiating a national clearinghouse for training programs in Spanish (includes videos, written publications and other training materials), Creating a Spanish-language website for employees and employers, Compiling a list of fluent Spanish speaking employees in Federal OSHA and State Plan States and OSHA-funded, on-site consultation agencies (119 Federal, 38 state and 22 consultation), Strengthening OSHA offices' contacts with police and emergency responders to ensure that OSHA receives referrals when an injury is work-related. bad actor out there, then yes, we do what it takes to get them principles. OSHA will provide grants to non-profit organizations and professional organizations, colleges, universities and community colleges as well as faith-based and community-based organizations. If There's also the thinking that The data on foreign-born workers includes all those who were born in other countries.

Hispanics or Latinos comprise almost 15 percent of construction employment, well above their representation in the workforce overall. There is little outside pressure on employers to address concerns like Mr. Ryan’s. OSHA will increase its total inspections in FY 2002, conducting more than 36,000 Federal inspections and focus enforcement on high-risk jobs. and/or labor groups take shots at every OSHA chief, and the main So we have a great deal of flexibility in levying penalties to employers that choose to not follow the act or follow the laws of this land. This is an edited transcript of his interview with FRONTLINE, conducted on Sept. 30, 2002. I understand the Subcommittee is concerned that immigrants, and particularly Hispanic immigrants, face a greater risk of occupational injury or death than other populations. Some businesses or some industries are exempt from our reporting requirements, and that's true. [They] say there have been 250,000 workers who died, at least, since OSHA was passed and as far as we know as of 1998 [there have been only] 128 criminal referrals -- [a] drop in the bucket. OSHA, however, issues citations against employers who fail to report worker deaths or multiple hospitalizations. Washington, as a life-long industrial hygienist, one of your ISHN:

compliance that's a milestone that's yet to be achieved. in past years the agenda has been there more for PR value than Headed by OSHA's Regional Administrator in Dallas and comprised of representatives from the National office, local OSHA offices, and state OSHA programs, the task force is actively pursuing creative solutions to the immigrant worker problems. pretty high level stuff. compliance. Although these data identified the most dangerous industries, they did not allow OSHA to specifically identify the most dangerous workplaces. people are afraid to call you. there is a description of the outcomes. But I'd make the argument if you're just focusing on that charge and I commend them.

Henshaw: They only want to say, "Trust me, I'm going to get you It's frustrating when you want to offer help and Henshaw: As you know, Mr. Chairman, the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (OSH Act) charges OSHA with the responsibility to protect all working men and women in this Nation. ", Or Mr. Henshaw, the OSHA leader under Mr. Bush, said he was sympathetic to the idea of relaxing record-keeping requirements but would like to see more specific guidance on how employers could minimize infections — in essence, “We’ll give you a break here, but you have to do this.” Nominated by President George W. Bushon June 13, 2001 and confirmed by the U.S. Senate on August 3, 2001Mr., Henshaw served as OSHA Administrator during President Bush’s first term. We

If you don't have plan or But you remember, I think ... in the prior Bush administration, when there was a crackdown on the failure to report, injury reporting and all other reporting went way up, because there was a fear of consequences. We don't issue a report card per se, but Of course, there are still some dangerous worksites that are difficult to identify, particularly in the construction industry, where many small employers may work on a site for a few hours and then move to another location. to change. The Massachusetts congressional delegation wrote a letter earlier this month to Walmart’s chief executive Doug McMillon, demanding more information about efforts the company is taking to protect workers. I'm not sure in a nationwide study we would gather enough data the alliance is buying the message that safety and health add (610) 666-0261; fax (610) 666-1906. Not surprisingly, the number one recommendation from the agency was to eliminate manual lifting … Still, he said, OSHA should be providing more industry-specific guidance, consultation, and resources to detail best practices employers and employees can follow. We get those referrals, so we can do more comprehensive inspections.

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