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Most of all, “Scromple” provides a look at the life of the Guy, our eyes and ears into the larger world of High Maintenance.

Over the course of the episode, we learn that the two are technically still married, having not officially signed their divorce papers, which is a blessing considering the Guy has no health insurance otherwise. OK, which one of you virgins lit the candle again? Around the corner, she sees the patient on the phone and tries to avoid her by quickly darting into the street. Zero.”.
A recap of High Maintenance season 2 episode 5.

Maybe Blichfeld has more perspective on their past relationship than Sinclair does at that current juncture?

Before long, she’s trying to dig out shake from an old one-hitter, smoking a discarded roach filter, and trying to burn out resin from an old bowl.

The Guy comfortably cracks jokes and uplifts Julia while she enjoys a brief trip down memory lane, back to a time when their relationship was clearly fun and not riddled with complications.

My favorite of these little overheard gems is when a middle-aged man in the next bed thinks he’s dying because he ate too much pot.

Information, interviews, photos and more for The Guy played by Ben Sinclair on the HBO original program High Maintenance. Each line reading feels layered with history, and certain moments are impossibly charged but never lingered upon, such as when Julia finds out that the Guy has still held onto his wedding ring, registers the information, and then mentally moves past it. Log in or link your magazine subscription, Cardi B Really Didn’t Mean to Post That Nude, Sacha Baron Cohen Hid in a Bathroom for 5 Hours to Prank Mike Pence, Bette Midler Posts Shriek Peek of Sanderson Sisters’ Virtual.

It’s as if the former couple decided that instead of working through their issues in their TV show, they’d use it as a platform to express their affection for each other. Since then, Blichfeld has started dating a woman, and the two continue to work together, including on production of High Maintenance’s second season. An episode that feels like a tipping point delivers the first high-level casualty of the Fadda-Cannon conflict. (When Julia tells the Guy that Gwen thinks she changes when she’s high, the Guy cheekily responds in an Urkel voice, “Did I do that?”) Despite their time apart, the two quickly fall back into an old routine.

She steers it where she wants it to go, only briefly allowing the Guy to lure her into a smile-off, which provides her with the control she doesn’t really have in her current relationship.

In last season’s finale, it was revealed that the Guy’s ex-wife lives down the hall from him and is currently in a committed relationship with a woman named Gwen (Rebecca Naomi Jones). Is she backsliding into dependency? Look, you’re going to have to watch it for yourself. Yet, the frenetic music that scores Julia’s desperate search for drugs emphasizes that the behavior is concerning, especially to someone like Gwen who worries that Julia isn’t herself when she’s high. They’re on HBO!

Though Blichfeld and Sinclair wrote the episode when they were still together, Sinclair notes in his Vulture interview that the storyline “was subconscious, prescient” and that they both knew what was coming down the pipeline. New episodes of High Maintenance air every Friday at 11PM, only on HBO.

They share a sweet moment together, but it’s sparked by Julia’s lie about not being stoned and having a good day. He’s there to be amiable, supportive, and helpful. She ends up running straight into the Guy, which causes his bike accident. Already a subscriber? Seriously, watch the webisodes of High Maintenance if you haven’t. After a one-night stand with a woman and a prolonged separation from her husband, she told Sinclair that she wanted to be with women. Though Julia does eventually take hits off of the Guy’s pen, she’s much more sober than he is, which allows her to maintain control of their conversation. Julia eventually returns to her somewhat tenuous life with Gwen. Both the Guy and Julia self-edit their text conversations with their respective partners, frequently reassuring them with half-truths and outright lies.

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